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Special Memories Captured, Organised and Protected Forever!

pixevety is a privacy-by-design easy to use photo management platform and mobile app that takes the chaos and stress out of capturing, storing and managing family photo & video collections, and helps you to safely share special moments with your school, family and friends who also have a pixevety gallery.

Collate all your family photos in one central secure online place. Automated technology ensures each photo or video uploaded is easily tagged and organised.

If your child’s school uses pixevety, you can gain instant access to photos of your child taken at school with greater transparency and control over how they will be used by the school.

Feel free to download our leaflet: ‘Key Questions Parents Should Ask Schools’ to better understand how schools must handle images of children.

Let pixevety become your filter for the publishing and sharing of photos & videos of your kids.

Organise photos in a privacy based photo management platform
ethical and secure facial recognition

Secure and Ethical Use of Facial Recognition

The world is exploding with photos so make sure you maintain control over your children’s digital footprint by ensuring they are clearly identified in photos and their consent is attached.

pixevety delivers the latest in photo management and facial recognition technology to help identify who & what is in a photo, auto-tagging each photo at time of upload. Alternatively, you can manually tag faces if the use of facial recognition does not suit your needs.

Our technology is fully encrypted and locked-down within your Gallery, delivering you the world’s safest digital environment to manage, store, share and safeguard your family’s growing image collection.

Safer Sharing

Engineered on ‘privacy by design’, you can set your Gallery as invitation-only, lock-down specific albums for specific audiences, and share photos with anyone – whether or not they are registered with pixevety.

Other unique sharing features include:

  • One platform to safely share photos or albums with others, or connect with other pixevety Galleries (i.e. your school)
  • Ability to embed secure links, share via secure email or URL link – basically share without your content ever leaving the platform
  • Ability to flag inappropriate images for instant removal from a gallery

At a time when image-based abuse risks are growing, it’s important you have access to a photo management platform that helps protect the privacy of your family.

Safely share photos and videos
Secure media storage

Securely Stored Forever & Eternity

pixevety stands for “pictures forever and eternity”.

We are Australian-owned and based company established since 2012, are an Australian Privacy Principle (APP) registered company, and have a strong commitment to meeting Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our IP is unique in delivering an online real-time consent module.

Data is kept in purpose-built, ISO-certified private local data centres locally based.

Achieve peace of mind knowing you are using a photo management platform that is engineered on privacy and places the security of your photos first.

Make pixevety your new photo management provider.

Your Privacy Protected

Our core principles are based on trust & respect in an online world. Our motto: “Ask before you share”. Our privacy protection features include:

  • 5 privacy layers: Access, Roles, Folder settings, User restrictions, and Consent
  • Built-in consent module where in real-time parents/guardians can access flexible opt-in or opt-out settings
  • Global Data Protection Regulation and Australian Privacy Principle compliant
  • The ‘pixevety pledge’ promise to respect the privacy wishes of others.

And finally, our promise to you to never sell or provide your data to a third party; to never allow advertising and to permanently delete your content on request.

Privacy protected photo management
privacy based photo management
privacy based photo management

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