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Last Revised: 06 March 2019

Who we are

Our company – Pixevety Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Pixevety Pty Ltd (ACN 160 684 677), an Australian private company based in New South Wales, with offices in Sydney, NSW and Brisbane, QLD.

Pixevety Pty Ltd is a digital service provider. We offer individuals and organisations the ability to manage images (i.e., photo and video content) in a secure, permission-based environment.

We care deeply about your privacy and have designed our services and business model to reflect our commitment to ensuring the fair and appropriate handling of your personal information.

We apply two (2) privacy policies to our operations – one for our brochure site (which is where you are now) and the other for our secure image management platform (“pixevety platform”). If you wish to be redirected to the privacy policy for the pixevety platform, please click here.

This document, Brochure Site Privacy, explains how we handle your personal information when you visit us to find out more about the pixevety platform and decide if it is right for you (“brochure site purposes”). Generally, you would do this through our brochure site, however, you may also do this via social media, email, telephone, posted correspondence or in person.

Our policy commitment

Pixevety Pty Ltd applies the privacy principles set out in Australia’s Privacy Act 1988. The privacy principles guide how we collect and manage your personal information, including (but not limited to):

  • Being transparent about our personal information handling practices
  • Limiting the collection of personal information to that which is necessary for our functions
  • Understanding our business purposes, and restricting our use and disclosure of personal information in that regard, and
  • Taking reasonable steps to keep the personal information we have secure.

Personal information

Personal information is information that identifies you (or could reasonably lead to you being identified). Pixevety Pty Ltd collects and holds limited personal information for brochure site purposes.

The types of personal information we hold depends on our relationship with you. Generally, it is about:

  • Brochure site visitors who ask us to be in touch (visitors to our site can browse anonymously, however, we will collect your name and preferred contact details if you ask us to be in touch), and
  • Our prospective clients (where we already have your name and preferred contact details and are now working with you to understand your needs)

Collecting personal information

We require limited personal information in the operation of our brochure site, and we take care to ask only for what is necessary.

We collect personal information when you:

  • Send us an email
  • Fill out a form (online or on paper)
  • Answer questions that we ask verbally, and
  • Contact or interact with us via social media.

With limited exceptions, we collect only the following types of personal information for brochure site purposes:

  • Name
  • Your preferred contact details – email and/ or telephone or mobile number and/ or postal address, and, if relevant,
  • Your needs (i.e., information about the image management services you require).

Important note: Your use of the pixevety platform requires us to collect and manage additional types of personal information. As such, when you are a customer (i.e., you have set up an account with us) or an organisation such as a school or sporting club is using the pixevety platform to manage your images, pixevety Platform Privacy will apply to your interactions with us and our management of your personal information.


We trust that the limited personal information you provide to us for brochure site purposes will be correct. However, before we use your personal information (and particularly if some time has elapsed), we may double check with you to make sure it is accurate, complete and up to date.

What we do with personal information, and who we give it to

We use and disclose your personal information only for the purpose for which we collected it. This may include:

  • Responding to a question you ask us about the pixevety platform
  • Sending you information about the pixevety platform
  • Following up with you in relation to image management needs you have identified
  • Providing you with information about how to set up an account with us
  • Directing you to our FAQs and other resources
  • Investigating and responding to a complaint made by you.

Pixevety Pty Ltd will not sell or share your personal information with advertisers, sponsors, content providers or anyone else – unless:

  • We have your express permission, or
  • There is a lawful ability or requirement for us to do so.

Keeping your personal information safe

Pixevety Pty Ltd securely manages and disposes of personal information collected for brochure site purposes, whether it is held in hard copy or electronic format and whether it is stored on-site or in ‘the cloud’.

Pixevety Pty Ltd engages third party service providers to assist with our brochure site purposes, and we subscribe to social media, as follows:

  • Contracted service providers

We use contracted third party service providers in a limited capacity to help us manage our brochure site (including the ‘contact us’ form you’ll find there) and market the pixevety platform.

Some of the personal information collected by us may, in turn, be managed in a digital environment (‘the cloud’) by our service providers. It is a condition of our agreements with these providers that we remain in control of what happens to the personal information they manage on our behalf and that it is kept secure.

Where service providers are engaged by Pixevety Pty Ltd, they are not permitted to handle (manage, use, disclose or retain) personal information in any way other than as expressly required to provide the service. Further information about our contracted service providers can be found in the FAQs.

Neither Pixevety Pty Ltd nor our service providers store personal information collected for brochure site purposes offshore.

You will never hear directly from our service providers unless the contact is in direct relation to a request you have made via our brochure site (e.g. you have asked to receive follow up contact about the pixevety platform). If you do hear from them, they will always identify themselves as employees of Pixevety Pty Ltd and will be able to offer legitimate verification of their role with us. If you are ever in doubt, please contact us directly on tel: 1300 438 389.

  • Social media

Pixevety Pty Ltd operates a Facebook page which largely mirrors the information you will find on our brochure site. Those with an interest may choose to engage with us using that medium.

Similarly, we use LinkedIn and Twitter to share information and publish blog articles relevant to our industry. Those with an interest may choose to connect with or follow us using those services.

At present, Pixevety Pty Ltd only ‘pushes’ information (about our products and services) out via social media. We never, ever, share details about you on our social media without your permission, and we do not ‘tag’ you in anything that we post (you may, however, choose to ‘tag’ yourself or otherwise share information about yourself in that environment).

Before you send us information via any social media outlet, please be aware that personal information supplied to us through or posted by us on any social media outlet becomes captured by that outlet’s privacy policy. As such, you may choose not to share your personal information with us via that medium.

Protection of personal information from unauthorised access and disclosure is a priority for Pixevety Pty Ltd. Any concerns about the security of personal information held by Pixevety Pty Ltd should be reported to us without delay, by email: or tel: 1300 438 389.

Accessing and changing personal information we have about you

We only hold the limited personal information you provide to us for brochure site purposes (as described above). If you wish to confirm what personal information we hold about you in relation to brochure site purposes, we are happy to assist you with this. We will not, however, tell someone else what personal information we hold about you (unless you permit us or there is a lawful ability or requirement for us to do so).

If you think the personal information we hold about you is incorrect, out of date or misleading, please let us know. We are happy to correct it.


You are welcome to browse our brochure site anonymously, however, we will need to know who you are and how to contact you if you have questions about the pixevety platform that are not answered by our brochure site content.

The nature of our image management platform means that we are unable to provide our image management services to you anonymously. The pixevety platform is governed by pixevety Platform Privacy .


Our brochure site uses cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. A cookie is a small piece of data that our brochure site ( asks your browser to store on your PC, laptop, smartphone or other device. Cookies act like signposts, markers or tiny pieces of memory that enable us to give you the best experience possible when visiting our brochure site.

Do I have to allow the use of cookies?  No. However, the use of cookies by our brochure site supports your use of the site, and disabling our ability to deploy them may prevent you from using the site with ease. If you wish to disable, delete, prevent or clear cookies, you can follow the instructions available on your web browser.


As part of the services supplied by our website management provider, we use Google Analytics to gather anonymous information about visitors to our brochure site. This helps us monitor and improve the website and improve your user experience.

Google Analytics uses cookies and JavaScript code to gather information about how visitors use our website; such as, the number of visitors we receive, the type of web browser used and which of our pages were viewed.

You can choose not to allow Google to collect your information by opting out of Google Analytics.

Important note: While we use Google Analytics for brochure site purposes, we do not use this service on the pixevety platform.

Privacy complaints

We take privacy seriously. If you have a question about the collection and handling of personal information for brochure site purposes or a complaint about a breach of privacy made by Pixevety Pty Ltd, please contact us:


Privacy Officer

Pixevety Pty Ltd

PO Box 7056

Brookvale, NSW, 2100



Updates to Website Privacy

We may update this document from time to time to ensure that our personal information handling practices are correctly reflected. This may occur without notice to our brochure site visitors; however, we will always post a “last revised” date for your information.

Any questions or concerns?

If you have a question about your privacy while visiting our brochure website or a concern about our personal information handling practices, please be in touch! Please email: or telephone: 1300 438 389.

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