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The trusted and respected name in media management for schools and families.

Securing your special moments


Access the images that matter to you

pixevety galleries offer an exclusive space for parents who want to connect and engage with their school as well as keep control over how their child’s special memories are shared and enjoyed.

Once invited to a school gallery, parents gain instant access to their own child’s photos.

From the gallery you can:


Contribute photos and videos.


Flag photos and videos for immediate removal.

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Self-manage your child’s photo consent settings online.

 All in real time and from one place!

Trusted and respected

The pixevety pledge:

  • To never commercialise, sell, or provide your data to a third party
  • To permanently delete your content on request
  • To never allow advertising

We ask that everyone who uses our platform follow the pixevety pledge standard of polite conduct. Discover more here.

The Pixevety Pledge

Secure & Ethical

How facial recognition works to protect your children

pixevety’s advanced automated face recognition technology (AFRT) is locked down at a gallery level and solely used to manage member photo consent on behalf of a school or organisation. As soon as media is uploaded, the technology flags pictures containing images of children whose parents have elected for them not to be published. This real-time application of consent protocols triggers the pixevety platform to exclude images unsuitable for publication. As a proud member of the Biometrics Institutepixevety is committed to delivering the most ethical, up-to-date and secure facial recognition technology available to ensure our clients feel safe. Please click here to read our Biometrics Information Privacy Policy.

Our platform provides:

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Unparalleled choice, control, and flexibility.

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The ability to manage your child’s photo consent year-on-year.


A safe encrypted digital environment that locks down images at a gallery level.

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A media management solution designed in partnership with leading privacy experts.

To better understand how schools must handle images of children, download our leaflet: ‘Key Questions Parents Should Ask Schools’.

“As a parent, it’s so wonderful to see so many photos of my child taken at school in one private, secure place. “

School parent

Take control

Share with confidence

Remain the custodian of your content whenever you share it.

Our exclusive sharing feature, Shared Collection, allows you to select and share up to 200 photos outside your gallery while ensuring your original content stays securely on the platform.


Securely encrypted sharing links with immediate termination protocols built-in.


Integrated expiration link, allowing you to control how long you share a collection.


Multiple display options allow you to view collections as thumbnails, full screen, or slideshow.

One platform to connect and share all your media with your school, family or your friend’s pixevety gallery.

“We have a few excellent companies in Australia promoting safe tech like pixevety” 

Julie Inman Grant, eSafety Commissioner