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OAIC Privacy Commission

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is headed by the Australian Information Commissioner.

The Information Commissioner is supported by the Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners for Dispute Resolution and Regulation and Strategy, and OAIC staff.

eSafety Commission

The Office is committed to helping all Australians have safe, positive experiences online.

Common Sense

Common Sense is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Privacy Compliance Manual

(updated Nov 2019) 

This manual provides assistance and guidance to non-government schools corresponding with the new requirements they must observe in relation to the preservation of an individual’s privacy.

It is essential for schools to be aware there are substantial penalties for serious or repeated interferences with privacy and the Information Commissioner has the power to seek enforceable undertakings. This is quite apart from the reputational damage that a school may suffer if the privacy of an individual is breached. The preparation of this Manual has been funded by the Associations of Independent Schools & Catholic Education Commissions in each Australian State and Territory.

State and Territory Regulation of Privacy

Each Australian state and territory regulates the management of personal information. In some states and territories, personal information is regulated by legislative schemes, in others by administrative regimes. The Australian Law Reform Commission website shares a great summary of these regulations.

eSmart program by Alannah & Madeline Foundation

eSmart uses a cultural change approach to improve cyber safety, increase digital literacy and reduce cyberbullying across Australia. eSmart Schools provides a framework that guides the introduction of policies, practices and whole-school change processes to support the creation of a cybersafe or eSmart environment. eSmart Schools is now in over 2,200 schools across the country. Developed by RMIT University in consultation with cyber safety, bullying, education and industry experts from across Australia.


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