Take the pixevety Pledge today for an extra layer of protection for users

pixevety Pledge

pixevety acknowledges the positive impact that internet and services like social media have had on everyday life. However, like most people, we understand there is clear evidence that greater care needs to be taken when using, sharing or publishing content to prevent harm to others.

Our philosophy is founded on the core principles of Trust & Respect, especially when it comes to image sharing, and it is our genuine commitment to try and prevent harm at all times, especially to children.

Pixevety Pledge

The pixevety pledge

With this in mind, we have introduced the pixevety pledge and whenever a pixevety user requests access or accepts an invitation to a Gallery they are considered to be taking this pledge. In doing so they are:

  • Acknowledging that access to another’s Gallery does NOT imply automatic CONSENT to use, share or publish that Gallery’s content;
  • Committing to first checking CONSENT from the other Gallery before using, sharing or publishing the Gallery’s content;
  • Promising not to use, share or publish a Gallery’s content in a way that could reasonably be expected to cause harm to others; and
  • Confirming that the above undertakings apply, even after content is taken off the pixevety platform.

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