The safest, most private mobile app to capture, store, protect, share and enjoy your photos and videos - pixevety

The safest, most private mobile app to capture, store, protect, share and enjoy your photos and videos

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Like many of us, are you searching for that one product that provides a similar experience to Apple or Google Photos but with more privacy and protection?

The current global pandemic has substantially enhanced our awareness about personal online security, safety, and privacy. Should we continue to trust the global tech giants currently battling their own public anti-trust and data misuse lawsuits around the world because they do wrong by our data? Where do these companies actually store our data? Who do they share it with, for how long (perhaps forever)? And are they using our images for their own commercial gain?

A lifetime of protection for your memories

It’s a daily struggle to control the growing explosion of photos and videos taken by us, or by others, and then knowing exactly where these images are stored or whether any have been published repeatedly online to a global audience, without our consent.

The pixevety platform was originally launched back in 2012 exclusively to serve schools and provide families with an online gallery platform that finally delivered that extra layer of privacy protection, especially when it came to sharing images of children…building online communities where trust, privacy & respect matter!

A best-kept-secret for nearly a decade, pixevety is now trusted by leading schools around the world to securely manage millions of images taken on school grounds each year and protect student images.

So, how does pixevety work?

pixevety is truly a unique online experience for both organisations and families. A proven privacy-by-design media management platform and app that connects and protects entire communities.

When you register to pixevety, you get a personal account that gives you free access to your own gallery and unlocks access to other galleries you have been invited to. Say you have children attending different schools. If each school has a pixevety gallery, you only have to log-in once to view all their photos and manage consent. Or say you just need to connect with friends and family galleries. Simply login once to view them all! It is also a great way to privately share your content with others whilst keeping storage costs to a minimum (as storage is shared across galleries when you share).

The service is available via desktop ( or mobile app (available via Apple or Android) so you get to choose whether you just want to use pixevety to grab special moments “on the go”, or manage and organise your entire gallery at home or in the office using a web portal.

Introducing the pixevety app! (now available on Apple and Android)

pixevety is excited to announce its highly successful iOS App is now available on the Google Play Store. Now you can capture those special moments using your Android device, and securely store them directly into your own personal gallery or another pixevety gallery you are connected to (e.g., School Gallery), whilst also bypassing your mobile device storage.

How easy is the app to use?

The app is very easy to access, navigate and use.

Firstly, download the app onto your phone via the Apple or Google Play Store to register or log-in to your pixevety account, then click on the gallery you wish to enter and upload into (i.e., your own personal gallery, a school’s gallery, or a friend’s gallery…all listed on your home page).

Once inside a gallery, you can use the Capture button to access your phone’s camera and take a photo to then directly upload into the gallery.

You can also click on the Upload button to select photos and videos already stored on your device and upload into the pixevety gallery.

Before finalising your upload, make sure you have selected the right album location, but don’t worry if you forget as your upload will simply default to a closed-off Organise Me Album in that gallery that only gallery administrators have access to. At this point, you can also add tags to assist with finding these images later.

Upload results are shown instantaneously, however, when uploading larger files (i.e. videos), you can go to your Account and click on Upload Queue to check on progress.

If you want to take your time crafting and building your image collection, login to the desktop portal instead at Here you will gain access to enterprise-level photo management tools and features (such as folder and album structures, access permissions, AI functions, tagging, captions and notes) to help you manage your gallery the way you want.

Other great features available on pixevety include:

  • Sorting image collections by year, event, or family clan
  • Cropping and rotating photos or videos
  • Storing many other document types (i.e., Word, PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Safer sharing of photos and videos by providing secure URLs or embedded links that keep your photos and videos in the platform even when sharing or publishing, versus giving them away to third parties where you have no idea how they are being used i.e., Facebook, Google, Flickr
  • De-duping of images and the ability to share images with others to reduce storage
  • Tagging objects, or adding captions or notes
  • Optional use of an automated privacy-engineered facial recognition technology to help identify and search colleagues, family or friends in an image
  • Ability to manage and communicate your consent wishes with permissions tagged on each photo or video you or your child are featured in (if made available)
  • Flagging of inappropriate content for instant removal in real-time
  • Advanced searching functionality to pinpoint and retrieve results fast
  • A wonderful Live Chat service available run by real people during normal business hours (AEST) to answer any questions.

To learn more about pixevety, watch this video or go to

Start exploring pixevety today by registering for a FREE Starter Plan and downloading the app from either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

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