Our Mission | pixevety Image Management Solution

Our Mission

To build online communities where trust & respect are core to protect the digital footprint of children.

Internet, smart phone and social media usage has dramatically increased, with every 2 minutes more photos taken than in the last 150 years.

pixevety was created as a direct result of an issue encountered by its founder: the pain of trying to get back control of his daughter’s photos at school. In 2012, Colin sought to fix this privacy problem and pixevety was born.

We believe schools and parents should have greater control over who takes, sees and distributes a child’s photo online. pixevety has been designed to be much more than a photo management system; it is designed on ‘privacy by design’ principles to help protect your photos, your privacy and, most importantly, your digital identity.

We won’t ever sell your data or tell you something is “free” and want something in return. We believe everyone has the right to be free from surveillance and intrusive advertising.

We believe privacy is a right, not a choice.

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