Our Mission | pixevety Image Management Solution

Our Mission

To build online communities where trust & respect are core to protect the digital legacy of children.

Internet, smart phone and social media usage has dramatically increased, with every 2 minutes more photos taken than in the last 150 years.

At pixevety, we believe parents should have a say on who takes, sees and distributes their child’s photos online.

For that reason, our image management platform built back in 2012 is designed with privacy at its core, working closely with privacy professionals and schools. Our aim to always protect your photos, your privacy and, most importantly, your digital legacy.

pixevety is a single secure digital platform with easy community-wide access across all devices. Designed to deliver affordable enterprise-level technology (including an organisation-first automated member consent process) to child-safe organisations – and their communities – we provide the confidence needed to better manage your photos, and most importantly, help protect children’s digital ID.

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