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The unique pixevety toolkit

Store in one place

Easily & safely store all your photos in a community-friendly Australian-owned secure photo management platform.

Secure facial recognition

Identify & organise your entire photo & video collection with our encrypted easy-to-use auto-tagging technology.

Safely share with ease

Find that one photo or video in a flash – easily search, filter, connect & safely share your photos & videos with family & friends.

Privacy at its core

The ‘pixevety pledge’ is a promise made to respect the privacy wishes of others when accessing, using and sharing on the platform.

Captured in Moments, Organised Forever

pixevety is a user-friendly solution that takes the chaos and stress out of the daily management of photos forever and eternity!

Gain access to a central private online photo management platform – for you, your family & friends to share those special moments. Easily set up your private photo gallery in minutes and start to get greater control over your entire photo & video collection.

Cutting-edge features include:

  • Connect & share your Gallery with other Galleries easily on the platform
  • Usable on any device, with flexible set-up and storage, and the ability to save original raw file types
  • Latest in auto-tagging tools to find & retrieve photos fast – stop wasting time searching

Get greater access to special moments captured in life and share them easily with your loved ones over a secure and safe platform. Let pixevety become your social media filter or the “safer platform” for sharing photos & videos.

Recognised by Face

The world is exploding with photos so make sure you keep control over your photos and only share special moments with select people you know & trust.

pixevety provides a way for you to instantly recognise who & what is in a photo, plus automatically tags for you. Our technology is fully encrypted and completely locked-down within your own Gallery, giving you the safest environment possible when it comes to using auto-tags.

Our other cool technology features include:

  • Cutting-edge digital asset management (DAM) technology to make daily photo management simpler
  • Latest archiving tools so organising any kind or size of image collection becomes a breeze!
  • A unique dynamic consent module to give you more control over your children’s images

Photo management in today’s digital world should be simple & easy for everyone. Stop worrying and instead start enjoying your photos with pixevety! And when you join the pixevety family, you become part of a bigger online community that puts the privacy wishes of others first when sharing photos.

Safely Share with Anyone

When you use pixevety to share, you get a choice over who sees and receives your photos & videos, and what they can do with them.

Our unique sharing features include:

  • A single private platform to safely share photos or albums with trusted registered organisations, family & friends
  • Latest in photo sharing technology accessible from any device, providing watermarking options and use of secure URLs, even to share with non-registered users
  • Clearly communicate your sharing wishes with others when exchanging photos online or on social media channels

At a time when internet, smartphone and social media use is growing exponentially, and risks to personal privacy are also escalating, you need a photo management solution that helps you safely share photos & videos. pixevety is the answer!

Securely Stored Forever

pixevety uses purpose-built, secure local data centres based in Australia.

All your photos & videos will be stored locally, backed-up and protected under local legal jurisdiction to avoid having to fight privacy battles in overseas courtrooms!

Our unique storage features include:

  • Photo & video management using one central place to store and back-up
  • Australian-owned platform with all data stored and protected in Australia
  • Leveraging encrypted and ISO certified local private data centres covered by local privacy laws

Achieve greater peace of mind knowing you are using a photo management system that puts your security and privacy first.

Your Privacy Protected

pixevety is built with privacy at its core, in the hope we can support families & individuals in maintaining their own photo privacy, and the photo privacy of children.

Our core principles are based on the premise that good old-fashioned values of trust & respect are still important in an online world. Our motto: “Ask before you share”.

Our privacy protection features include:

  • 5 unique layers of protection including access, use, publishing and consent restrictions
  • A built-in parent/guardian photo consent module to automate and communicate your wishes when sharing photos of children
  • The ‘pixevety pledge’ is a promise made to respect the privacy wishes of others when accessing, using and sharing photos & videos on the platform.

And finally, our promise to you: your photos are yours and will never commercially track, sell/share with third-parties or destroy content without your permission.

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