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Collecting Features

Wanting to unlock your images by storing and sharing them in one central online photo management platform and mobile app that is highly secure and easily accessible from any device? Use pixevety today!.

pixevety delivers commercial-grade, secure and private data storage ensuring easy and safe access to all kinds of files (photo, video, audio, text, pdf, ppt etc). Leveraging our digital asset management (DAM) technology allows you to easily organise, tag and reduce duplicate file storage.

pixevety’s bulk upload tools make mass-uploads of student data and images from existing dispersed collections a breeze!

Confidently breathe life back into your school image collections by using pixevety!

pixevety Photo Management Features | Collecting

DAM benefits

Our enterprise-level Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology gives you access to one media library stored in a backed-up private data centre.

Central storage in a highly secure data centre based in Australia, U.S. or Canada (based on location).

Reduced operational costs and improved productivity of assets.

Full control of all image assets and user rights.

Professionally organised content using folders and tags.

Fastest way to browse, find and distribute photos across a community.

Quick and secure sharing across community networks.

Reduced storage (a file is stored only once).

Assets are never lost.

Multi format file acceptance and conversion.

+ much more…

Organising Features

Reduce effort and time by streamlining your image media and consent management. Our user-friendly automated interface enables super-quick organisation of large media collections with access to thumbnails, folders & sub-folders, albums, tags and notes for effective & efficient photo and video archiving.

Our smart virtual archivist (VA) technology provides schools and clubs with:

  • Automatic identification of objects in photos
  • Intelligent setting up of folder and album structures
  • Effective use of taxonomies and metadata
  • Secure locked-down use of facial recognition tags (which can be switched on or off at anytime)

Families and member communities also get access to basic VA technology via FREE Starter plans to help them store and organise their own personal galleries, which in turn supports an organisation’s effort to build a more sustainable and dynamic image collection over time.

You will always find a photo in a snap with pixevety!

pixevety Photo Management Features | Organising

Greater organisation of your entire media collection (photos, videos etc) will enable you to:

Search and browse files by permission-based categories.

Sort photos by tags (names, years, locations, objects etc.).

Filter photos by usage permissions and type.

Preview photo consent status (optional on Plus Plans), usage rights, tags, files size and locations.

Protecting Features

pixevety has been engineered with privacy at its core.

Get greater control over your image collection (with user passwords, role-based restrictions & permissions, and ultra-defined asset-based sharing rules) and reduce photo sharing risks.

Our unique dynamic privacy technology helps support organisations in becoming privacy compliant by shielding, flagging and tracking images stored, and monitoring use across platform registered users.

Using industry-first technology, pixevety enables a school to automate its entire media usage consent process (replacing manual forms) providing greater transparency over image collection permission and use, so students and families feel more protected when sharing and contributing photos.

Every registered user can set access, sharing and publishing restrictions on their own images, and a real-time ‘consent switch’ gives greater choice & control over who can see and use their photos (i.e. “please do not share this photo on social media”).

pixevety Photo Management Features | Protecting

Our promise to you: your photos will never be sold to a third party or destroyed without your permission.

Plus, upon registration, join the pixevety pledge’ to uphold the highest of privacy standards when it comes to sharing photos online.

A promise to respect consents at the click of a button.

A promise to never violate another member’s privacy.

A promise to always respect and protect privacy values within the community.

Sharing Features

We all want to protect the images of children! pixevety is your single trusted source for safer sharing of photos & videos featuring students.

Accessible from any device and easily customisable to offer community-wide access, members enjoy the ease of safely managing, sharing and contributing their special moments with others across the school community.

pixevety unblocks the flow of image-sharing across at a school with staff finally saying “bon voyage” to email attachments, flash drives, CD-ROMs etc.

Easily filter and select high-quality images (photos, videos…basically any file format) to securely share with people across your trusted network from one central online space.

pixevety Photo Management Features | Sharing
pixevety Photo Management | Share Photos Securely

Share individual photos or batch of photos from your own gallery using secure links or embedded URLs.

Once registered on the platform, you may be invited to an Enterprise Gallery (i.e. a School Gallery), or a Personal Gallery, to gain access, search and retrieve photos from their collection if allowed, and/or contribute your own images.

You may notice some images have restrictions limiting how they can be shared outside of the pixevety platform (i.e. you may notice a request for a photo not to be shared on social media). That’s the beauty of pixevety!

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