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pixevety is a smart image management solution uniquely designed to support family-focused organisations. pixevety assists clubs & associations in securely collecting, organising, protecting and sharing images across an entire community. A true alternative to public cloud solutions or social media platforms that are suffering from breach risk, misuse or simply do not comply with Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). With child image protection at its core, pixevety is essential for any organisation concerned about protecting the privacy of members, especially children, and ensuring privacy compliance in their collection and handling of images. Try out our platform today.

Why use pixevety?

for clubs & associations…

pixevety Photo Management Solutions for Clubs and Associations | One Single Solution
One single solutionFor your club and member community to easily and safely access all club images online.
pixevety Photo Management Online Solution for Clubs & Associations | Sharing
Greater collaborationConnecting staff, members, volunteers and families via one platform for a more enriched sharing experience.
pixevety Photo Management Online Solution for Clubs & Associations | Automated Protection
Automated protectionInstant access to intelligent archivist and privacy tools to safely organise, retrieve and share your images.
pixevety Photo Management Online Solution for Clubs & Associations | Local Storage and Secure
Local & secureAll data stored securely onshore and protected by Australian Privacy Law.

The pixevety toolkit

Bulk Uploading Icon | pixevety Image Management Solution


An unlimited easy approach to upload thousands of photos and members.

Digital Asset Management Icon | pixevety Image Management Solution

Digital Asset Management

Centrally store high-quality images, reduce storage, maintain control over content and set robust permission settings.

Dynamic Privacy Control Icon | pixevety Image Management Solution

Dynamic Privacy technology

Obtain multiple levels of automated and customised privacy tools to keep control of what users see and do with your content to reduce risk.

Pixevety Asset Manager Icon | pixevety Image Management Solution

Virtual Archivist technology

Instant access to a collection of virtual archivist tools so your digital media is smartly organised and easily retrievable.

pixevety Photo Management Solution for Clubs | Privacy Matters

Privacy matters

Images are “personal information” under Australian privacy law and may be considered private and sensitive to an individual.

Organisations interacting with children have a moral and legal responsibility when it comes to managing personal information, including photos, of each child.

A privacy breach can break bonds of trust and destroy your organisation’s long-standing reputation overnight.

Fines of up to A$2.1million* may apply.

*Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) came into effect in March 2014. There are fines up to A$420,000 (for individuals) and A$2.1 million (for corporations) per privacy breach (as of July 2017).


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